TopicAre You The Problem Or The Solution

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 5:33am

    They are also passionate about their academics, focus on their homework every day, and are fierce competitors  Yantra Manifestation   in the classroom. A desire for learning is key for our athletes, because there will come a time when their intercollegiate competition will come to a close... but learning will last a lifetime.Acumen. Defined as the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, acumen is a necessity of any sport! Our players may have to use it in the classroom, being sure to participate in discussions and be an active member of the class. They may have to use it on the weekends when we're not around. We don't know what type of shenanigans happen on campus... but we can guess! Hopefully our athletes understand what to do when good judgment is required. And of course, acumen is huge on the court. The ability to execute the game plan while simultaneously responding to one's environment will separate the good athletes from the great ones.

    Advocate. Our athletes need someone to be on their side, to fight for them, to market them... to believe in them. In our role as coach, we should also be an advocate for our athletes whether it's on campus to make sure our athletes get respect, or if it's on bigger scale where we nominate them for awards.At times, our role as advocate for our athletes will have us educating the greater campus community about the importance of athletics in our player's lives. Other times, it could be to fight for what's right and equitable in terms of equipment, gym time, or budgets. At all times, we should have our athlete's best interests at heart.

    There are numerous possibilities available, for you to become the best possible version of your unique self. Accept that there is only one version of you on this planet; no one else has your unique mind, life experience, character, attitude and exactly the same philosophy as you. This realisation sets you apart from the average and allows you to see that you can become the best, in your own unique way. I want you to look at yourself and see your unique strengths, abilities, experience and unlimited potential, as tools to begin and sustain your journey, toward the future that you desire.

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