Weight Management With Healthy Eating

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 12:38pm

    Lean meats like turkey, pork, chicken and beef all contain protein. Your body needs more energy to digest the protein in  Total Trim 11  meats as oppose to fat or carbohydrates. So the more protein you consume, the harder your body needs to work to digest it, and in turn, the more calories you will burn. At the Arizona State University, research was carried out involving people who were on a high protein diet and those who were on a high carbohydrate diet. They concluded that those on a high protein diet burned more than twice as many calories, in the hours after the meal, than those who were on the high carbohydrate diet.

    And to prove the point, researchers in Denmark found that men, who swap 20% carbohydrate for protein, were able to increase their metabolism and burned up to 5% more calories. Fish like tuna, sardines and salmon is also good for your metabolism because they contain omega3 fatty acids. Changing the levels of a hormone called leptin in your body, can directly alter your metabolism, and this will determine whether your body burns the calories or stores it as fat. At the University of Wisconsin, they have found that mice with low levels of leptin have faster metabolism, and able to burn fat faster than the mice with high levels of leptin.

    And the best way to lower your leptin fish. Researchers compared the diets of 2 African tribes. One tribe that eats lots of fish and the other tribe mainly vegetables. The tribe which had fish in their diets had leptin levels 5 times lower than the tribe which ate mainly vegetables. If you don't like eating fish...there is good news. There are fish oil supplements and may work as well as the real thing. Researchers in France concluded that men, who swap 6 grams of fat with 6 grams of fish oil, were able to increase their metabolism and lose 2 pounds, on average, in just 12 weeks.

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