Motivate Yourself to Greatness By Cherishing Negative Role Models

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 5:34am

    The work ethic is "fitted" to each life circumstance and a full effort is Yantra Manifestation expended in each area of life (i.e. compartmentalisation) that does justice to that area i.e. it meets objectives whether they're stated explicitly or implicitly. We know the objectives are being achieved when we look at all our relationships and how well they're going, and to how well we feel within ourselves. Balance is consistently meeting all objectives. I'm demonstrating the intrinsic diligence-balance link here. Balance also applies to prudence, trust, and respect, and ultimately wisdom. (The shalom-balance link has already been partially shown.) Balance is the wise use of time, a protection of accessibility i.e. relative autonomy, and vitality.

    Trust is a key resource in life. How does it fit here? The dependent level is about mistrust and lack of trust. It is complete self-reliance. Actually, it may even not trust self. It may rely mistakenly on others. It's certainly pre-disposed to dysfunctional and co-dependent relationships, because mistrust drives the field of vision and this person can't see the wood for the trees. They trust the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

    At the second, worldly standard level, trust is situational and it's varied in level of trust shown. It's very much dependent on being earned. The problem with that is we, as human beings, tend to occasionally let down our friends, family, peers, and customers (i.e. all our fellow human beings). What happens to trust when it's dependent on performance alone, and performance standards slip? It's a major compromise and trust is bound to suffer.

    At the heavenly standard level trust is implicit in the way a person lives. Trust is issued without 'strings attached' and it doesn't even mind too much if it is not returned. Trust is an investment without a return required; it's given freely. Of course, melding prudence with trust ensures that people don't take advantage for long -- forgiveness happens and wisdom removes the matter of trust being required. It simply doesn't go to the place where it will be taken advantage of. Trust includes faith, grace, courage, honesty, kindness, patience definitely, as well as gratitude, acceptance, detachment, openness, perseverance, and hope. It is a very broad concept at the heavenly standard level, trust.


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