TopicNutrition Weight Loss - 3 Natural Weight Loss Drinks

  • Mon 21st Oct 2019 - 6:45am

    My husband and I recently started making ourselves a IGR Plus Review smoothie every day before work. We discovered that even though we do not consider ourselves 'breakfast people', and don't typically feel like eating until later in the morning, we don't mind sipping on one in the car on the way to work. Knowing that eating breakfast is extremely important to good health and wellness, we found a smoothie each morning is a painless way to start out our day with the nutrition we know we should be getting each morning.

    When we first tried smoothies, we started with a very basic recipe. A cup of milk, some protein powder we use plain rice protein because it is fairly inexpensive and does not affect the flavor of our smoothie and a handful of frozen fruit. This is a nice mild and simple way to get started with smoothies and is a great way to discover what types of flavors you like. For example do you prefer a chocolate, vanilla or plain base. What fruits add flavors you like or don't like.

    What protein powders are palatable to you. What ratios make your smoothies the consistency you like thick, thin, frozen, or just chilled.. Once you have discovered the basics of what you like, you can move on to discover a world of REALLY nutritional items that can be added to your smoothie, many of them ingredients you may have never even heard of before but are easy to find at your local natural food store.

    An easy way to change up the nutritional value and/or taste of your smoothie is by changing the liquid you use. Instead of using standard cow's milk, try soy milk or almond milk. Replace some or all of the milk with different fruit and vegetable juices you like or have nutritional values you are looking for. Add other liquids that may have added health benefits like aloe juice or coconut water both are said to promote healing of the digestive tract.

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