Crappie Fishing Tips - 3 Effective Tips to Catch More Crappie

  • Wed 1st Apr 2020 - 10:07am

    If you're looking for some crappie fishing tips then continue reading because we're going to talk about trolling. There are many ways that you can use to catch crappie but one of the most effective techniques is trolling. There are many alternatives of trolling, but basically it has a baited line being brought through the water while the fisher stays in a moving boat. If trolling isn't done correctly, then your day will seem like nothing more than a boat ride. Do your best to read all the crappie fishing tips here so you can be much closer to having a successful crappie catch using trolling baitcasting reel.

    Tip #1 - Prepare Equipment

    Before trolling, make sure that your fishing equipment is well prepared. If you're going to rely on your boat for trolling you need to make sure that it will perform efficiently. Equip your boat with a trolling motor that will give you the ability to move around the water as slowly as possible.

    When it comes to choosing your jigs, pick one with with white or yellow bodies and red heads. Also use jigs of different weights because the weight of your jigs will tell you how deep you will be trolling. When you are fishing for crappie it's going to help if you troll using many crappie rigs at the same time, all at different depths.

    Tip #2 - Choose Location

    Pick your trolling area carefully. You need to get inside a crappie's mind and think like them if you want to catch more crappie. One thing to keep in mind is that crappie is really fond of structures. You should try looking for areas where the crappie could easily hide themselves while capturing smaller fish and heading back easily to where they hide.

    Some of the likely places to look for are stump locations, around the rocks and sunken wrecks. If you are really analytical about it then you can use topographical map when fishing for crappie. This will help you more to determine the areas in where the crappie are hiding.

    Tip #3 - Use A Scout Fish

    When you go fishing, focus on catching your first crappie. Use a live bait such as a minnow. To keep the minnow from drowning, bait the hook by thrusting through the bottom and also above its mouth.

    Once you have got your first crappie of the day, you might want to make it your "scout" fish. Your scout fish will help you can find more crappie that are in the water. But before using this strategy, you have to make sure that using a scout fish is legal in your fishing area.

    Hope you found some useful crappie fishing tips in this article. Remember to prepare your equipment, choose your location and use a scout fish. Just go out there and have some fun.

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