TopicSelecting the Location of Your Display Stands and Store Fittings

  • Sun 5th Apr 2020 - 11:53am

    When you are the manager or owner of a shop you have many responsibilities such as ensuring you provide good customer care and maintaining the condition of your various stock. However it is important as well to consider the other elements of running a store that many managers tend to forget - which are the layout, appearance and set up of the store and the isles themselves.

    A good store manager will always recognize the importance of a correct layout in their store and will realize that this has a range of important psychological effects on the way that customers interact with the store and the products therein. This is particularly important with regards to your display stands and store fittings which are only useful if they are used in the correct way.

    Consider your display stands and your store fittings like adverts - they are there to promote the items you want to help sell, but they may not be what the customer is actually looking for when they come in. Thus you need to place them in clever places in order to catch attention and in order to encourage shoppers to want to buy the things they're advertising.

    Likewise it is very possible to funnel your customers and to anticipate the way they are going to go around your store. For instance, if you have a product that everyone wants (in a newsagents this might just be milk, in a games store it might be the latest and most high-profile game), then you simply put the display stands near that on en-route to that so that they spot them on the way. You can achieve something similar here as well by periodically altering the layout of your store. When you do this you leave your customers searching for the new items and this way you can ensure they are more likely to see your display stands and the other things your store has to offer.

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