Best In ear monitors for musicians, singers and churches

  • Thu 14th Jan 2021 - 12:04pm
    Some people may argue that the people that those who would benefit from headphones are singers and performers in live bands. So it stands to reason that they would be useful in many church settings too. Some of the reasons many churches perhaps choose not to go from the traditional floor monitors to iem systems are; • The assumption that personal monitoring is way too expensive for them – there are relatively best in ear monitors for musicians available • They are too difficult to implement compared to a floor monitor • Many of them are not used • There aren’t many advantages that come with using a personal item system as compared to floor or stage monitoring. Most of the above assumptions are incorrect and the opposite is true about iems. True though that some of them may be too cost prohibitive for some churches but once the benefits are realized, the costs become a non-issue. Current technologies in the market can reduce the costs down to a level that most churches can afford. However, you have to have the knowledge of how to assess those technologies.

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