TopicHow to Attract Success From Within

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 4:26am

    It's time to be brave, not because I said so but because I believe you want to be Brainwave Shots Review brave, I believe you want to increase your boldidity otherwise why are you reading this. A simple yet effective method to create positive reinforcement for your steps of boldness is to make up a chart or get a calendar with enough room for you to make notes under each date.

    At the beginning of the week or month write down two or three fears (or 'issues' if you don't like the word fear) you want to overcome along with a positive action step you can take. Every time you accomplish the action step give yourself a Yes, a tick or a smiley face and any additional comments so you can see your progress. I'll show you what I mean using my three scenarios (I'm limited as to how I can present it here but you can be creative). Always choosing the safe option. Action: Try asking a shop assistant or waiter for their opinion of two or three different items. Mon Tues Wed Y assistant was very helpful, made me feel good Thurs

    Ask for clarification of what is actually required or for someone to show you how to do it. Mon Y very nervous but asked anyway, got positive response. Yay me. The third scenario action step I used is actually quite a biggy because you are trying to avoid looking stupid so why would you ask for clarification or help. But when you think about it what is more stupid. - To pretend you know but don't and make a mistake!

    Actually I always think people are clever when they ask for clarification and you can just about guarantee someone else in the room wanted to ask the same question but didn't have the guts. You not only show initiative and a willingness to learn for which you will be respected but you are also learning to become bold. Your issues will likely be different than those I've mentioned but the principle is the same. It's about taking little steps, making small changes that may hardly be noticeable but over time they will make all the difference to your confidence and boldness.


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