TopicThree Ways to Redirect Your Ego So You Can Create Positive Change in the World

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 5:38am

    I grew a lot this year. My bottom line grew 398% and projections are to hit 2.6 million in 2010. But more importantly,Unlimited Abundance Review on a personal level, I really stepped into my power to create positive change for others. I played a bigger game this year and guess what my results were proportional. But the real reason I know I was able to really rock it this year was because I learned how to redirect my ego and focus on the positive change I am creating in the world. I realized at a deep level that my work is not about me and that I am supposed to use my "stories" to inspire others.

    And because I got out of my way even more this year, I learned how to think and plan with the realization that we are certainly "all one". This realization led my husband and I to come up with the idea during our anniversary dinner to start Smart Women Foundation this month. Below are three ways you can also redirect your ego so you can create positive change for your clients, friends, and family. And because I realize I am a "student" first and foremost, I also included "ego wisdom" from some of my wonderful friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy! When we are focused on the positive results, the actual positive change we can create in the world, our ego has no choice but to go neutral.

    And since we are operating from awareness outside of our own needs and worries, we are able to let go of negative people and situations much easier. There are many ways to focus on positive results and center your body and mind so the ego becomes neutral. I love the Matrix movies on so many levels. The journey that the main character Neo takes to let go of his ego and focus on the results (the positive change that only he can create, his destiny if you will) is such a great example of what power is in each of us. The Matrix Trilogy comes full circle too when at the end Neo steps into his full power and knows his true purpose. But the journey along the way was full of negativity and downright danger. To deal with the negativity and to foresee danger, he would find his center through meditation and going within for the answers. And did I mention the soundtrack is really cool too!


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