TopicMake Your Yard Poison Free

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 9:58am

    These are all behaviors that dogs do with each other, but they are not acceptable when dogs do them with children or with other humans. Brain Training For Dogs  The best way to stop your dog from engaging in these behaviors is to immediately stop playing with your dog whenever he shows one of these behaviors. You shouldn't punish your dog when he does these things, as that will confuse your dog, but you should immediately stop playing with him. You need to draw a clear line in the sand about each one of these rough behaviors and why your dog should be calmer. If you do this then it will be much easier to keep control of y our dog's behavior.

    You also need to tell your children to stop playing roughly with your dog. This isn't always easy, especially if your kids like to wrestle or rough house with your dog. However, it's very important for you to set consistent boundaries for your dog. Your children shouldn't encourage your dog to play roughly when you are trying to teach your dog not to be rough. You should also practice keeping a calm and assertive stance toward your dog when your children are near. This kind of attitude will help eliminate chances for your dog to get worked up and overly playful.

    When you and your dog are in open spaces, such as dog parks or in your yard, keep a close eye on your dog. Teach your dog a command for them to immediately relax. You can use a command such as "sit" or "stay" or even "come," but the command needs to be completely understood so when you use it your dog responds. This can stop possible problems before they get started.

    Remember that when your dog plays roughly with children he's not trying to hurt them. Your dog is just having fun. Your dog is just trying to let your kids know how much fun he's having. The problem is that most kids have a different idea about what's fun than your rowdy puppy. One other thing to keep in mind is that if there's any real aggression when your dog is playing roughly, that makes things completely different. In that case you have to treat the situation more seriously.


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