TopicTen Tips For Finding God's Voice During Difficult Times

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 10:51am

    There are times in our lives when nothing else would do to comfort us but the voice of the Lord.  Manifestation Magic Review There is nothing that anyone can say or do to make us feel better. We have fallen and continue to do so into a pit without any outlets and our only hope is to hear God's voice as our means of comfort. During these times we wish the sky could open and swallow us up as we search for answers in this darkness. What most of us do not know is that this is when God is closest to us and is perfect within us. Below are ten tips for finding his voice in this dark and weary place.

    1. Working off the energy
    Coming to God in troubled times means we must leave the world behind and all the noises that we are used hearing around us. This cannot happen if we have something to do or were planning to do. It is paramount that we complete all scheduled activities. On other occasions it is not that we have something to do but we are full of energy, maybe our exasperation at the situation we face has given us all this energy. Again God would not talk to us at these moments so we must find an outlet to rid ourselves of this energy. We can walk, run, talk, read, write, play or do anything that comes to mind but that doesn't cloud our minds (such as drugs or alcohol) until we are tired. We must not carry out negative acts but try to exhaust all possible outlets available to us. By doing this we would come to the conclusion that we have failed ourselves and there is noting more for us to do but receive God's strength. This is a good place to be because when we eventually hear God's voice we would have no doubt that it is him and not us.

    2. Questions and Answers
    Most times in positions of difficulty we dread asking ourselves endless questions that seem to have no answers. Sometimes these questions have answers that lead to nowhere and we find ourselves going round in circles without an out let. This is good. It may appear wrong to us and our health but in this place we are one with ourselves. This is self discovery, if we never ask ourselves questions that we cannot answer then we won't understand our weaknesses. When we come to the realization that there are no answers and we are in this endless loop we would be willing to accept God's voice for support. If we have the answers that we need then why should we need God God comes to those who need him, Christ came for sinners. God is strongest within us when we have no answers but we must be willing to admit this to ourselves.


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