Real Stomach Fat Loss Tips and Techniques!

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 9:32am

    It is best to aim at a steady fat loss of 1 kilo or 1% of your body weight, whichever is greater, Keto Advanced Review  every week. Do not be surprised if your weight does not drop or it drops more slowly than expected, especially if your exercise program includes weight training, which it should. Muscle weighs more than fat but it is better because it burns more calories to maintain a body of muscle than it does to maintain a body of fat.Depending on how overweight and out of condition you are, you can expect to notice a difference in how you feel before you see any results. The visible results will not take long to show but if you concentrate on your posture and dress to suit your body type, people will notice a difference sooner.

    You should not obsess over weight loss but you should concentrate on fat loss. Take it slowly and gradually build up the amount of exercise you do each day and you will feel better than ever before and the excess fat will disappear.A lot of people think they drink they get enough water from coffee, tea and soft drinks; but the reality is that those aren't enough to satisfy the required intake for our bodies. If you exercise and eat a balanced diet but don't drink more fluids, you won't burn fat as efficiently. This happens because, as you get thirsty, the body pauses its metabolic processes, just as though you hadn't eaten. Whether it be bottled water, tap water or sparking, as long as you increase your intake it will be beneficial to your body.

    Aim to drink about 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day. There are many foods that can contribute to your fluid intake as well. For example, water melon is made up of about 90% water. On a hot day, eating green salads, tomatoes and cucumbers will have the same effect as drinking more water.The question is how to drink more fluids when you're not used to it? Here are some suggestions that have worked for me personally:

    Always have a glass of water with you when you're working at your desk or in front of the computer. Drink little sips often and before you know it, you'll have consumed 3 glasses in a couple of hours.Drink water with your meals instead of other beverages like coffee, soft drinks or beer.
    Take a bottle of water with you when you leave home. Just make sure it's readily available either in your car, purse or backpack. If it's hot out, add ice to it or leave it in the freezer the night before and it will stay colder for a longer period of time.


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