TopicWomen's Success - Are You Making A Difference?

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 4:47am

    Sister Kenny, many years ago said, ".......He who angers you CONQUERS you...."I  Hypnosis Live remember when I boxed in the Army, about anger. Whenever I had a particularly difficult opponent, who kept hitting me and who I could not hit;....... well the angrier I got the more he hit me! When I got control of myself and my emotions, I fought 100% better.Winston Churchill once said, "...Just because you have to kill a man in wartime, does not mean you have to be angry about it..."

    Let's work on our inside and watch our outside blossom. How we think and feel about ourselves is very important. Many times, because we live in such a crowded world, we pick up many thoughts and feelings that do not originate within us. It is called the Law of Resonant Frequencies. We need to counter-balance them or neutralize them with other better thoughts and feelings.

    Feeling depressed or in a 'poor me' mood? Flush it out by thinking "... A pauper had the blues, because he had no shoes, until he chanced to meet, a man who had NO feet..."To be successful in anything we must first be successful with our own thoughts and moods.We have tools to help us with this. The sayings and proverbs of successful men and women from the past are valuable. We can recall them to mind whenever we waver from our goals and purpose in life.Good books and sayings are like spiritual and mental transfusions and we should always keep them close by.

    Emerson wrote, "...Wise men know not many things, but useful things..."We can use the useful things we know to create the success we want.When you own a business, you're both the boss and the employee. Some people love this kind of setup and achieve far more than they ever would in a traditional workplace. For others, it can spell disaster. It's important to analyze yourself regularly to ensure you're keeping on track.


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