What Are Carbohydrates and Why Should I Care About Carbohydrates?

  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 4:48am

    I remember first hearing the phrase "natural food" decades ago to describe things that GRS Ultra System  outdoorsy and hippie-type folks ate. Granola and wheat grass. Nuts, berries and sprouts. The items listed on some of these websites that Google found for me include products like a shampoo that while designated Vegan, also contains sodium laurel sulfate one of the most toxic chemicals to our environment listed right next to frozen pizzas with chemical sulfites that I know are not naturally occurring in nature.

    A good working definition of natural foods is that those products do not contain artificial ingredients, colorings, or chemical additives. This would mean that foods labeled natural would come straight from the garden or farm without preservation or enhancement of any kind except perhaps to be refrigerated or washed if necessary. Do you really believe that all of the foods you see on the grocery store shelves with the word natural written on the box are truly natural foods You shouldn't. They aren't.Foods with the word natural in the name are probably not really natural. Foods with natural listed with the ingredients are more likely to be telling you the truth. Buying foods labeled as organic with minimal chemical additives and processing are probably even better for you to buy.

    Being an informed food consumer is the only way to really safeguard your health and the health of your family. Be aware of some of the most common chemical additives like sweeteners, MSG, and preservatives and color additives that include color names like blue or red as well as hidden color additives such as Carmine made from ground bugs. You will need to inform yourself and then check the ingredients of every product that you buy.Our bodies follow a natural rhythm or cycle. We go to sleep, we wake up, we eat when we are hungry and when our bodies are thirsty we replenish with liquids. We inhale and exhale air without really thinking about it.

    Inside our bodies there are cycles that happen also. Our food gets broken down and energizes our cells, oxygen is pumped through our body by the heart, menstrual cycles help cleanse a woman's body and so on. These are just some examples of the body doing its amazing process of cleansing itself and rebuilding and repairing.Basically our bodies are made up of a huge amount of cells which die and then new ones are generated to replace, and the cycle goes on. Cancer happens when this function gets dysfunctional, so is there anything we can do to help this marvelous mechanism to continue to operate smoothly



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