7 Steps to Find Direction

  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 11:27am

    I really not trying to slam the educational system, I just know it Becoming Limitless didn't work very well for me as a became an adult and joined the working world. Education is very important as it teaches us reading, writing, and mathematics. It also educates us on life skills, how to get along with others how to eat the right foods and how to maintain our health along with many other ideas. It wasn't my attention to go off on a tangent about school and the educational system. This article is about how anyone from all walks of life can change their life to be anything that they want it to be. Its about how, after many years of believing I had to settle for what life dealt me by not being good in school was something I couldn't change. I heard that to change your life you had to change the way you think. This is where I started my journey on becoming a student of success and becoming a student again was something I now truly loved. This is where everyone is on a equal playing field because there are no set rules, benchmarks or levels of achievement. It was up to me to set my own standards and goals to whatever level of success I wanted to climb to. My text books became the stories of others who had climbed the ladder of personal success. I learned everything I could about the way they thought differently about things, the way they used systems to maximize results, about what types of people influenced them.

    I learned that becoming successful and being a student of success was a on going journey of always moving forward. I was taught by one of my mentors that success is a process not a destination and the person I will become is worth all the effort. In America, you still have more opportunities than many places in the world. If you haven't left the comfort of your country, you may not realize this. Perhaps now is the perfect time to expand your horizons! Learning to re-frame a situation, to see what's right about it (rather than to focus on the obvious - what's wrong with this or even worse, what's wrong with me) is one of the key components proven to make change successful. When you alter your perspective so you feel less stressed, you free up your mental energy. You can then apply this energy to creating new possibilities for yourself. Enlightened friends, life coaches and the right hemisphere of your brain can all provide you with "never before thought of ideas!" In the same way a path is made on the earth by repetitively walking that way, paths are created in our brains by repetitively thinking that way. This is why it can be so difficult to think of a new solution. The truth is, some part of you is really craving a new solution, a new way of being, or you wouldn't have this problem.



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